June 10% off for Rose Members!

Elevated is thrilled to be joining The Rose Theatre as a Business Member Partner!RoseTheatre Member Partner
Short and Sweet: The Rose has a new gig where individuals can become members of the theatre and get loads of perks from small businesses like us!

Rose Theatre Members who visit Elevated Ice Cream and/or Candy will receive a 10% Discount on their purchase for the month of JUNE 2016!
(Important: members must have their Member Card present!)

We are also encouraging others to join in on the action and become a member!
We have “Membership Partner Postcards” provided by The Rose near our cash registers that have all the information about the program as well as the different member levels available! In addition, individuals can head to the theatre in person to fill out the New Member Form (and grab a bag of delicious popcorn, obv), or go to their website and sign up online! Rose Theatre

Thank you for supporting small and local businesses!

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