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The Elevated Ice Cream Co. began serving ice cream from a courtyard antique Victorian elevator cage in 1977, hence the name Elevated Ice Cream Co., and the motto “Lift Your Spirits!”

Although we advanced after one summer from  street vendor to ice cream parlor, we retained the name “Elevated” for our ice cream’s superior quality. 

We moved to our second location, a small shop off of the Franklin Court in spring 1978, and became a real year-round ice cream parlor,  making our own ice cream with the best ingredients we could find.

Julie and David were ftaught to make ice cream by a very dear friend of Julie’s grandparents, Norm Glover, who had an ice cream parlor in Seattle for close to 40 years. Norm taught us how to make his most popular flavors, and showed us his special techniques, methods we still use to this day.

In time, we invented our own flavors, and adapted other flavors to our own tastes. Julie and David also attended the Penn State University, “Ice Cream Short Course.” We moved to our Water Street store, with an ice cream parlor and our candy store side by side  in the spring of 1981.

We’re proud of our tradition of quality and service, and we’re proud of our reputation of 30+ years. As the years go by, we are witness to memories being made as parents bring even their newborns in for a taste of ice cream, and we have watched generations of children grow up here.

We also hear “Elevated” stories from all over the world. Customers and friends tell us about times when they have met people in other places and find they have shared a common experience — their positive memories of a trip to Elevated Ice Cream Co. in the delightful town of Port Townsend!

If you have a story like this to share, we want to hear it! – send us an e-mail.


Comment from Julie
Time March 6, 2012 at 10:40 am

Glen, How nice to hear that you loved that Elevated t-shirt as a child. So did our nieces and nephews, and many other kids. Unfortunately, we do not have any of those now, but we stil have the artwork. We get interest from peopele periodically. Check back with us. If we get enough requests, we may decide to have them printed again. Thanks!

Comment from Glen
Time March 5, 2012 at 11:14 am

I was just looking at some pictures from my childhood (circa 1989) and saw I was wearing an elevated ice cream company t shirt a lot of the time. It had a bear holding balloons on it. I was curious to see if you still makes these t shirts or one similar to it. Thanks for your time.


Glen Gavin

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